Assumptions and Predictions – 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers | MY FIRST POST

Ben Roethlisberger
This will be very cut & dry, solely to get my word out there before the first game, because I believe very strongly in it.

Antonio Brown will be the NFL offensive player of the year
He will receive more targets than he will know what to do with, despite double and triple coverage.He is the definition of a play-maker, he makes things happen while the ordinary watch in awe.
Ben Roethlisberger will throw for more yards, TDs, and interceptions than he did last year: 5,300 yards 38 TDs and 15 interceptions is my assumption given the immerging – and newly acquired – threats. A lot of under-thrown deep balls will be intercepted because, let’s face it, it’s not that hard to under throw a double covered Antonio Brown, even for Ben, but for the sake of the team he will try.
Le’Veon Bell will surpass his stats from 2014, despite the two-game suspension; he’s that good. The 2.9% body fat is dedication, and that will translate to the field.
The defense will be one of the worst in the leagues; experience, loss of veteran-status and general lack of skill will catch up to them, especially during deep passing situations and runs up the middle.
The saying has always gone: “Defense wins championships” but if these Steelers have any hope for a championship this year, they will need to follow the phrase: “The best defense is a good offense.
11-5; repeat AFC North Champions only to lose to the – soon to be – back-to-back world champion New England Patriots.
Tommy’s hungry.


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