Week 1 Scores & Prediction Results

Week 1 UpdatedI just finished the rough draft of my new NFL Challenge game based on score predictions; if you’re interested in playing let me know! My next post will be the official rules, and an example of what it’s like.

Here are the results of my predictions. Follow along, or participate, if you want, but it’s mostly just to see how well I can do record-wise. It’ll also give you an idea of what I’m looking for for my challenge.


Pittsburgh @ New England; 24-20 NE

Actual Score: 28-21 NE


Green Bay @ Chicago; 27-17 GB

Actual Score: 31-23 GB

Kansas City @ Houston; 17-9 KC

Actual Score: 27-20 KC

Cleveland @ New York Jets; 20-13 NYJ

Actual Score: 31-10 NYJ

Indianapolis @ Buffalo; 35-32 Buffalo

Actual Score: 27-14 Buffalo

Miami @ Washington; 27-14 Miami

Actual Score: 17-10 Miami

Carolina @ Jacksonville; 24-7 Carolina

Actual Score: 20-9 Carolina

Seattle @ St. Louis; 31-10 Seattle

Actual Score: 34-31 Rams

New Orleans @ Arizona; 29-21 AZ

Actual Score: 31-19 AZ

Detroit @ San Diego; 24-21 SD

Actual Score: 33-28 SD

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay; 35-13 Tenn

Actual Score: 42-14 Tenn

Cincinnati @ Oakland; 17-15 Oakland

Actual Score: 33-13 Cincy

Baltimore @ Denver; 36-28 Denver

Actual Score: 19-13 Broncos

New York Giants @ Dallas; 24-17 Dallas

Actual Score: 27-26 Cowboys


Philadelphia @ Atlanta; 23-17 Philly

Actual Score: 26-24 Falcons

Minnesota @ San Francisco 24-7 Minnesota

Actual Score: 20-3 SF

Week 1 Record: 12-4

Total Record: 12-4

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