Previously, on the #NFL | Week 1


Just a brief recap of the previous week posted every Sunday before the games start, will give you something to read while the chili simmers, while your favorite pre-game is not covering your game, or while on the toilet. Enjoy.

Pittsburgh 21 New England 28

T. BRADY (NE) 25-31 288 YARDS 4 TDs; De. WILLIAMS (PITT) 21 Carries 127 Yards; A. BROWN (PITT) 9 Catches 133 Yards 1 TD

Usually I write these articles with music in the background, it helps me concentrate, but for some reason I can’t get the voice of Gil Santos and Bob Socci from WBZ-FM Boston out of my speakers… Strange.

In reality, there’s nothing better than two super-bowl contenders kicking-off the NFL season. You must admit, Tom Brady brings an excitement to the game that not many before him have been able to produce.

It’s inevitable that Josh Scobee’s less than stellar debut really hurt Pittsburgh toward the end of the game. Granted, the result could have – and more than likely would have – stayed the same, but if we keep the score the same and give Pittsburgh a 28-27 final drive…. Who knows? That’s the bias in me coming out… That being said, if you flat out don’t cover a hippo on two legs named Rob then you can’t expect to win, especially when Tom Brady is flickin’ the pigskin.

Watch out when Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell return from their suspensions. A healthy offensive attack will make Pittsburgh contenders, even without a strong defense.

I see this matchup happening again in AFC Championship fashion come January.


Buffalo 27 Indianapolis 14

A. LUCK (IND) 26-49 243 YARDS 2 TDs 2 INT; Ka. Williams (BUFF) 6 Carries 55 YARDS 1TD; P. Harvin (BUFF) 5 Catches 79 Yards 1 TD

With an unhealthy LeSean McCoy, an overly-confident Rex Ryan, and a new Quarterback, no one really knew what to expect from this Bill’s team. But they came out firing and showed that they have the potential to do something spectacular this year. With all the talk, though, they’re going to need to put their money where their mouth is come Sunday night against Tom Brady’s Patriots.

Tyrod Taylor shined in his debut as a starter throwing for 195 yards, a touchdown, and only not completing 5 passes. It’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it up or not, and how consistent this revamped defense can be.

Buffalo will make the playoffs this year.

St. Louis 34-31 OT

N. FOLES (St. Louis) 18-27 297 Yards 1TD; M. LYNCH (Seattle) 18 Carries 73 Yards; J. COOK (St. Louis) 5 Catches 85 Yards


You got what you wanted. Pete Carrol ran the football… He handed it to the man who “no doubt would have won the super bowl”, but couldn’t get a yard on a 4th & 1 play. Sure, it was out of the gun – which doesn’t make sense – but what would make this different than the Super Bowl?

I’ll answer my original question: No, Seahawk fans are still not happy.

But to make up for the “Pete Carrol should have run the ball in the Super Bowl” excuse, Seahawks can now overshadow it with the “Why the onside kick to start Overtime?” Which I can totally get behind.

With the nature of the way the football game had gone, 62 Points total, the slightest risk of getting the ball and kicking a field goal to end it isn’t enough to outweigh the potential of good starting field position… I don’t get it. If the Seahawks start 0-2, the world may burn.

Titans 42 Buccaneers 14

M. MARIOTA (Tenn.) 13-16 209 Yards 4 TDS; B. Sankey (Tenn.) 12 Carries 74 Yards 1 TD; A. SEFERIAN-JENKINS 5 Catches 110 Yards 2 TDs

Let’s be civil… I write this so late so your kettles have time to simmer, and your body has time to digest everything we just read, saw, heard about… It’s not (yet) the end of the world for Jameis Winston, and Marcus Mariota isn’t in the Hall of Fame (yet).

Ever hear of John Elway? Pretty boy who didn’t want to play for the Baltimore Colts? Look up his NFL debut: 1-8 passing, 14 yards and an interception.

RGIII (WHO?) had arguably one of the best debuts out of any Quarterback to play in the NFL: 19-26 passing, 320 yards and 2 touchdowns with an added 42 rushing yards on 10 carries; he was the first rookie quarterback to win NFC Offensive Player of the Week…. EVER. And we all see where that ended up.

The point is not to say Winston is the next John Elway, or Mariota will bust like RGIII looks to be doing. The point is that no one has any idea what will happen with these two; what we do know for sure is that it will be fun to watch.

New York Giants 26 Dallas Cowboys 27

T. ROMO (DAL) 36-45 356 Yards 3 TDs 2 INT; R. JENNINGS (NYG) 13 Carries 52 Yards 1 TD; L. DUNBAR (DAL) 8 Catches 70 Yards

Tony Romo is a great quarterback, but unfortunately the world loves to hate him. Who doesn’t love the vast array of tweets that pour in when Romo messes up? It’s sad honestly. No one mentions the fact that he was a Division 1-AA college alum who made it to the NFL, or how he wasn’t drafted and became elite, or how he started his career as a holder for the kicker for crying out loud. Cut him some slack.

You’d think a 72 yard drive in a minute and some change to win the game, on primetime TV, WITHOUT DEZ BRYANT would help his resume, but that remains to be seen. It’s time to start giving credit where credit is due.

The Eli Manning telling Rashad Jennings story is a load of foo-ey. Rashad Jennings needs to be just as aware of the situation as anyone on the field, or in the press box.

San Fran 49ers 20 Minnesota Vikings 3

T. BRIDGEWATER (Minn) 23-32 231 Yards 1 INT; C. HYDE (SF) 26 Carries 168 Yards 2 TDs; M. WALLACE (MINN) 6 Catches 63 Yards

I was wrong.

I thought for sure the true Teddy Bridgewater was going to be shown and he was going to prove to the world that he is a solid quarterback… Maybe he did prove himself, just not in the way I was hoping. 231 Yards isn’t bad, but it isn’t enough to get it done.

I mean if you’re only going to give Adrian Peterson 10 carries, you’d think someone would be stepping up and filling that gap… That several million dollar gap… But I digress.

Carlos Hyde looked impressive, and will probably get a heavy dose of carries with Reggie Bush out and Jim Tomsula limiting Colin Kaepernick’s passing attempts against weak Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

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