Week 2 Scores & Prediction Results


This week was awful. Did you know Sunday marked the first time that the Raiders, Jaguars, Browns, Buccaneers and Redskins all won on the same day? Yeah…. That’s my excuse for this week. I’ve prepared a site for you to look at after you are done scrolling through my awful prediction.

8:25 PM

I had 
24-20 Chiefs

Actual Score: 31-24 Denver…. I’m lookin’ at you Jamaal Charles.

1:00 PM

Patriots VS Bills 24-17 Bills

Actual Score: 40-32 Pats

Titans VS Browns 28-10 Titans

Actual Score: 28-14 Browns

Texans VS Panthers 21-7 Panthers

Actual Score: 24-17 Panthers

Cardinals VS Bears 35-24 Cardinals

Actual Score: 48-23 Cardinals

Chargers VS Bengals 14-10 Chargers

Actual Score: 24-19 Bengals

Lions VS Vikings 17-10 Lions

Actual Score: 26-16 Vikings

Buccaneers VS Saints 27-13 Saints

Actual Score: 26-19 Buccaneers

Falcons VS Giants 20-17 Falcons

Actual Score: 24-20 Falcons

49ers VS Steelers 30-17 Steelers

Actual Score: 43-18 Steelers

Rams VS Redskins 33-12 Rams

Actual Score: 24-10 Redskins

4:05 PM

Ravens VS Raiders 20-13 Ravens

Actual Score: 37-33 Raiders

Dolphins VS Jaguars 23-12 Dolphins

Actual Score: 23-20 Jaguars

4:25 PM

Cowboys VS Eagles 31-21 Cowboys

Actual Score: 20-10 Cowboys

8:30 PM

Seahawks VS Packers 31-28 Seahawks

Actual Score: 27-17 Packers


8:30 PM

Jets VS Colts 24-10 Colts

Actual Score: 20-7 Jets

Week 2 Record: 5-11

Total Record: 17-15

I’m pondering hanging up the cleats.

Week 1

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