#NFL Week 7 Score Predictions

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Week 7 Score Predictions

Seahawks (2-4) @ 49ers (2-4): 17-14 49ers

There is something wrong with this Seahawks team… I’m not sure what, but it’s going to cost them in the long-run if they don’t change some things. Marshawn Lynch is back and the emergence of Thomas Rawls could be a deadly 1-2 punch that the 49ers can’t overcome, especially if Kaepernick stays inconsistent. That being said, I’m feeling yet another 4th quarter blown lead for the Seahawks. Both of Seattle’s wins are against the Bears and the Chiefs… That’s not very promising.

  • Neither team has ever made the playoffs after a 2-4 start
  • Kaepernick is 1-5 in his career against the ‘Hawks

Bills (3-3) vs. Jaguars (1-5) (London):  24-17 Bills

Both Tyrod Taylor (knee) and Sammy Watkins (Ankle) have been ruled inactive for Sunday. The Jaguars have lost 5 in a row; this one could go either way with the injuries the Bills are facing. If T.J. Yeldon plays, it may be close but I don’t see them winning this game either way. I’m going with the Bills current patter of W-L-W-L-W-L and will continue with a win.

Steeler (4-2) @ Chiefs (1-5): 23-10 Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a kicker now, Martavis Bryant is back, Le’Veon is in mid-season form, the defense is stepping up and Landry Jones isn’t afraid to throw the ball deep to Antonio Brown; all that is missing is Ben Roethlisberger. Who knows if Landry can Houdini his way through another week, but I’m pulling for him. No Jamaal Charles is not something that is easy to overcome.

Buccaneers (2-3) @ Redskins (2-4): 21-9 Redskins

Buccaneers are fresh off the bye week, which means Jameis has another a whole Sunday of pick-sixes to make up for; yes I’m still salty about him throwing 4 picks in a game I picked him to win. This will be a run-heavy game, and I give the Redskins the advantage.

Falcons (5-1) @ Titans (1-4): 31-14 Falcons

Mariota missed practice again so I wouldn’t expect him to play. If he doesn’t Zach Mettenberger takes over who threw 7 interceptions in as many games last year. Even if he does play well, I expect this struggling Atlanta team to turn it around and get back to their old ways with the connection between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

Saints (2-4) @ Colts (3-3): 27-20 Colts

The Falcons moved the ball with relative ease against the Saints this past week, but turnovers and special team’s mistakes doomed them. I don’t see an issue with the Colts moving the ball against the Saints with T.Y. back.

Vikings (3-2) @ Lions (1-5): 24-13 Vikings

Matthew Stafford put up some big numbers last-week after his state as a starter was questioned; but that was against a shaky Chicago Bears team. This Vikings defense is no joke. With no Haloti Ngata upfront for the Lions, expect Adrian Peterson to have a big game, carries and yardage wise.

Browns (2-4) @ Rams (2-3): 17-14 Rams

Josh McCown is putting up some surprising numbers, given his usual back-up state in the NFL. Barring the first game of the year, the three other Browns losses they have faced have come by a total of 13 points. Rams are also struggling to score points (17 a game). Browns have allowed 5-yards per rush this season, which sets Todd Gurley up for a big game. He will win this game for them.

Texans (2-4) @ Dolphins (2-3): 27-20 Texans

Arian Foster is picking up the pace, Brian Hoyer is putting up big numbers with the immergence of Deandre Hopkins and that’s a good formula for success against a Miami Dolphins defense that has yet to show up; especially in the trenches.

  • Tannehill has thrown multiple picks in 3 straight games
  • Deandre Hopkins has played with five different starting quarterbacks in his career (Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum) and Hoyer seems to recognize his talent.

Jets (4-1) @ Patriots (5-0): 28-24 Jets

Hit the upset alert button. Patriots are allowing almost 400 yards a game (381) and are susceptible to giving up big games out of the backfield especially in the rain, which is prime for Chris Ivory. Jets defense is playing well, and I expect them to continue playing well. It’s no surprise that the Patriots will score a lot of points (haven’t scored less than 28 all season) but the Jets are capable of matching it. Patriots are going to lose sometime this regular season. And I think it’ll be this Sunday. With the Peyton-Brady matchup out of the way, it’s nice to have a solid Jets-Pats rivalry.

Raiders (2-3) @ Chargers (2-4): 31-24 Chargers

               Chargers have come off two tough losses to Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Phillip Rivers may be the most passionate quarterback out there, next to Tom Brady, and I don’t see him taking a third L in a row. Expect a shootout. The Raiders also lost to a Denver Broncos team who didn’t throw a touchdown……

Cowboys (2-3) @ Giants (3-3): 24-17 Cowboys

Cowboys have surprisingly held their own without Dez and Romo, despite three straight losses and last week’s embarrassment, they are still in the fight for the NFC East. But a Giants team without an already struggling Odell Beckham Jr is a recipe for disaster. Cowboys get back onto their winning ways. Dez may be back, which is just another ingredient to be added to make this victory sweeter.

Eagles (3-3) @ Panthers (5-0): 35-20 Panthers

               Panthers are legit. Cam is playing well, Jonathan Stewart is playing well and, most importantly, the defense is playing well. I don’t see Sam Bradford mustering up much of anything in this one. Demarco Murray will be the deciding factor in whether or not the Eagles have shot in winning this game.




Ravens (1-6) @ Cardinals (4-2): 42-24 Cardinals

The Ravens just aren’t playing well. With their only win coming from a bad kicking performance, I don’t expect their luck to change against the fire power the Cardinals can muster up. A poor week 6 performance against the Steelers last week leads me to believe Carson Palmer will come out firing.

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