Week 9 #NFL Score Predictions

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Week 9 Score Predictions

Browns @ Bengals: 34-13 Bengals

Johnny Manziel is starting, and he has yet to prove himself. An away game against the undefeated Cincinatti Bengals won’t be the time to do it, and he won’t. A.J. Green is crazy on his own turf.

  • Andy Dalton has a 29.4 total QBR against the Browns; below 30 in last five starts

Raiders @ Steelers: 35-27 Steelers

In years past I’d write this off as an easy win, but unfortunately times have changed. Le’Veon Bell’s injury definitely hurts this team, but DeAngelo Williams is no slouch. If Ben can shake off last week’s game, which I believe he can, he’ll be ok. No doubt in my mind he can out-gun Derek Carr.

Packers @ Panthers: 21-18

Can’t fault Aaron Rodgers after last week; that Bronco defense is unreal. I don’t think it’s in Rodger’s nature to have two rough games in a row, even against a good Panthers defense. Big game for the 1 seed in the NFC East is going to be a good one.

  • The Packers have allowed the most rush yards to quarterbacks (201) this season.
  • The Packers haven’t lost consecutive games in a season since 2013 (Weeks 9-11) when Aaron Rodgers was out with a broken clavicle.

Redskins @ Patriots: 42-10 Patriots

Look out. The Patriots are playing unreal and the Redskins are, well, the Redskins.

  • Tom Brady is 11-2 (.846) in his career against the NFC East, the best mark of any QB in the last 15 seasons with at least 10 starts against the division.

Titans @ Saints: 35-21 Saints

Tennessee has a new coach, but that won’t change their offensive and defensive woes nor will it fix Mariota’s limp. Saints are still racking in the yards through the air (338.9 Yards a game) and with the immergence of Willie Snead and Brandon Cooks hitting his stride, they’re set for an easy victory.

Dolphins @ Bills: 24-17

This is really a coin-toss. Buffalo’s last good win was against the Dolphins in blowout fashion. But the Dolphins are finally starting to step up, despite the blowout loss to the Patriots this past week. A long week of rest and preparation will be good for their bodies and confidence.

Rams @ Vikings: 17-14 Rams

No one really saw this Vikings team producing a 5-2 record. Teddy Bridgewater is starting to get more consistent, but hasn’t quite hit that full potential. This Adrian Peterson-Todd Gurley matchup will be fun to watch, and I believe the winner of that battle will win the game. I’m giving it to Gurley, even with the Vikings being 3-0 at home.

Jaguars @ Jets: 24-10 Jets

Jaguars are coming off a good win against the Bills. They’re still a sneakily mediocre team, but Blake Bortles is an emerging quarterback in this league, he just needs a good team. The Jet’s defense is still pretty dang good, regardless of how well Bortles can throw and Yeldon can run. Chris Ivory will determine the spread of this game.

Giants @ Buccaneers: 24-20 Bucs

Buccaneers are coming off of a good win against the Falcons. Eli Manning’s 17-4 TD to interception spread is nothing to be messed with, even if his 6 last week helped him out. However, Eli is bound to have a bad game now, and the Bucs are getting Austin Seferian-Jenkins back as a good Red Zone threat. I’m giving Jameis one last chance.

Falcons @ 49ers: 35-13 Falcons

Falcons are struggling to hold onto the ball, and even against a struggling team like the 49ers, that’s a recipe for disaster. Kaepernick is getting a mental break on the bench in favor for Blaine Gabert. What happens if Blaine blows it and Kap has to come back in? Falcons won’t have much issue scoring points, and the 49ers will.

Broncos @ Colts: 17-6

Broncos defense is unreal and Andrew Luck is not playing well at all, in fact he practically lost last weeks game for them. 12 Interceptions in 8 games? Two streaks are going to stay alive in this one. Broncos winning streak, and the Colts 3 game losing streak. No matter how Peyton plays, even with the addition of Vernon Davis, this defense will keep them in the game. 77 yards allowed to Aaron Rodgers? C’MON MAN

Eagles @ Cowboys: 13-6

Cowboy’s quarterbacks are a combined 4-19 passing to Dez Bryant. Sam Bradford posted a 5.3 QBR in week 2 against the Cowboys. This is gonna go either way, but without Romo I don’t see anything significant happening.

  • Despite not even playing 2 full games, Tony Romo still leads the Cowboys in touchdown passes with 3. Brandon Weeden (2) and Matt Cassel (1) have combined for as many as Romo this season.


Bears @ Chargers 35-21 Chargers

Bears just are not good, and the game is in San Diego. Need I say more? This could be the game that San Diego explodes.  I see Phillip Rivers showing primetime viewers what he’s all about.

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