Bryce Harper Suspended for His Actions Monday Night

According to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, Bryce Harper has officially been suspended and fined, an undisclosed amount, for one game following his post-game antics Monday night. Harper is appealing, however, and will continue to play until his appeal has been heard.


Harper was ejected by home plate umpire, Brian Knight, after Knight claimed to have heard Harper arguing a borderline call to Danny Espinosa in the 9th inning. Minutes later, Clint Robinson hit a walk-of homerun to win the game for the Nationals. Harper was the caught on camera gesturing and yelling profanity toward the umpire who tossed him.

I get it… Rob Manfred has to prove to the League that he is in control of baseball’s most exciting, but most liable, player. And especially on national TV where young kids are modeling Harper’s every move, like they do with Stephen Curry, this was not a positive step; but no one will care in a week. And to Harper, it’s a slap on the wrist. One game and some pocket change (we’re not aware of the amount at this time) is nothing to him especially when he gets signed to a $400 million contract soon.

The only justification is if Harper was suspended for returning to the field, rather than for his words, but we may never know.

I’m all for suspending players who cheat, but I’m even more for players who show for the fiery passion that they have for the game of baseball. Harper continues to show that passion through his play, and through his words and I love it. There’s got to be a ton of pent up frustration in that young-mind of his, after being walked – if my math is correct – 4,000 times in the last week, and it all came out Monday night.

Bryce Harper is exactly what baseball needs to #MakeBaseballFunAgain, but no one is willing to accept it; and until baseball moves away from it’s old-man “get off my lawn” policy, non-baseball fans will continue to very slowly be turned on to the game, if at all.

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