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Thank you for taking the time to check out my donations page.

I take what I am doing very seriously and am working, writing, and editing alongside being a full-time college student in the pursuit of a degree. At times, it’s not always easy supporting every thing by myself and with the help of you, every thing can improve.

Do not feel obligated, as you are not required to donate to read what I have written. Every little bit helps.


All proceeds will directly benefit my career.
That includes:


For: Podcast(Microphones, audio board, guests, etc.), YouTube Channel (Cameras, microphones, editing software, better hardware, etc.) SoundCloud Subscriptions (To be able to upload unlimited audio content)

To create revenue that will, in turn, provide you with better content. 


Promotions, traveling to promote, attending events, etc.

All donators will be given free promotion (A several sentence plug for whatever they want to advertise) for the rest of my time in this career path. They will also receive free merchandise, when that time comes.

Rewards for the size of a donation are to be determined.